We Take Good Care Of You

Sianmay Candidasa Diving is based in Candidasa Bali. We serve diving in some beautiful site around Candidasa, Tulamben, Amed, Nusa Penida and some beautiful under water in Bali. We provide regular trips to the diving spot you wish in Bali, with the good rates but still high internationa standards of diving. When you enjoy and relax our program, we provide a convenience of mind also by insuring our customers. You obtain in the shuttle and every little thing is properly taken care off. With the family oriented our Candidasa dive center, you’ll meet our friendly team of guides assist you.

Diving and become overwhelmed through the marine life of Bali. Find out Dive Candidasa to experience or carry open water dive course. Discover diving in a slow paced life. Or even join us to the most breathtaking diving spots in the island.

Scuba diving in Candidasa area is superb. Breathtaking corals, sharks, colorful fish, sea turtles, sea horses, napoleons, manta and mola mola. You can view them all. With Sianmay Candidasa Diving you can go to all the best dive location in Bali. The rich fish reside on well-known Liberty Wreck, the remarkable drop off at east of Bali call Tulamben, the sharks at Gili Mimpang or even the drifts of Nusa Penida. Let us know your interests in scuba diving and we’ll provide our best to create your wish become a reality.