Blue Lagoon Padang Bay
Blue Lagoon Padang Bay

Diving in Blue Lagoon Padang Bay Bali

Located in Padang Bay Bali, the Blue Lagoon is a house of reef. There are about 6 various sites, only several minutes boat ride far from our Candidasa Dive Centre. From the dives you’ll get back to our Dive Centre and also spend the area for having coffee and tea, or have relaxing time.

This Dive Site of the Blue Lagoon Padang Bay is very different and hold unique surprises for us every single day. From newbie to expert scuba divers. This Blue Lagoon provides great opportunities for any experience levels. The under water photographers enjoy the massive selection of species inside Blue Lagoon Padang Bay.

Besides leaf scorpion fish, moray eels, frog fish and lots of nudibranchs you will discover loads of soft and hard corals. Usually turtles and reef sharks hang out in this location. The Blue Lagoon is our popular night Candidasa diving site. If you want to complement the diving day through a night dive, it’s almost going to experience a Spanish Dancer and lots of another night time critters. With luck you may even pick up a glimpse of the unique coral cat shark.

• Shallow coastal reef is max 25m, short wall, slope,
• Good selection of soft and hard corals, plenty of feather stars, table corals with amazing elephant corals
• Good variety of Asian sweet lips, turtles, leaf scorpion fish, moray eels, lion fish, octopus, stone fish, cuttlefish, and sharks (black, white tip, and nurse sharks)
• Current : good conditions for beginners and mild to moderate,
• Visibility 25M+